Getting Down with Your Pooch

I often hear that people have a hard time getting great photos of their pets. They’ll say things like, “They won’t sit still.” or, “They know when the camera is on them and then they act up.”

Now, I’m not saying that fluffy isn’t totally aware of your plans to drag her ass into your quest for Instagram glory. However, After looking at the photos people try to take of their pets I noticed that they do a few things wrong. Here are some tips to help fix common problems you may face when photographing your pets:

  1. Natural Light: Often, I notice that people will use an on camera flash that makes the pet look unnaturally shiny, like they’ve recently been laminated. Try using natural light as your only light source. This will give depth to your pet’s features and not leave your cat looking like an otter that just emerged from the sea.
  2. Get Down: Believe it or not, pets do have a good side and photographing them at unflattering angles does nothing for the likes they expect to get on their Facebook. Do not go looming over your pet, GET DOWN and explore the space around them from their point of view. This will make for a more unique perspective and more often than not your animal will get curious about what you’re bringing into their world.
  3. Patience: Your pet is an animal and and you’re not so act accordingly. You will probably be dealing with a moving subject that cannot stay still or not look where you want them to. They are animals… that’s what they do. As a human you have been given the — sometimes under-used — gift of patience. Use it to stick around and get that great shot.
  4. Play: For as much we try to capture the perfect pet shot, the truth is they want to just have fun with you so do the same for them. Play and be creative with them. Trust me, the end product you have will be a direct reflection of the great time you had getting the shots.

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