Challenge – Photo of the day

So here it is… I relocated to Sacramento as of September and it’s now December. I’ve had a bunch of settling in to do and my photography has taken a bit of a back seat. I feel my skills slipping away and I have become a bit — dare I say — timid at the idea of starting again.

The idea that I may be slipping backwards has ignited a fire. I’m not generally one to be scared. I want to fix this and fix it now.  So, today I looked at my situation and realized that I needed to figure out what was wrong and then come up with a solution.


I’ve got my camera, my lights, my stands, and my whole wonderful set of skills sitting in front of me. I am looking at all of it like it child wondering, “where did my photography career go?” I used to be out and about with my camera in hand all the time. What’s changed?

Short answer: the camera is not in your hand.


I suppose the idea that I’m just not grabbing my camera and taking photos being the preliminary issue makes the solution pretty simple. Pick the camera up and start shooting again. Sure my surroundings have changed, I have needed to take some time to adjust, and maybe a camera was not part of the transition period, but as the dust settles the one thing I need to put my ego aside and pick that camera up and shoot.

So, with no clients or Muse (my husband is working long crazy hours) to work off of I must challenge myself. So challenge myself, I will. I will take at least one photo a day and share it. Shoot anything. Indoors or out. With or without flash. Portrait, still life, landscapes, abstract, whatever! I will aim to take the photos for 3 months and see where that takes me.

Here I go!

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