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Streetcar Depot at Dusk
  • Streetcar Depot at Dusk

  • Gearing up for an evening event shoot I took the time with a friend to go do some photos of the Greenwood Connaught Streetcar Depot its a friend. We played around with some long exposure and some flash. In the end it was mostly a nice way to spend an evening with a friend.
  • Abstract Cocktails

  • I'm privileged to continue to work with many talented people in my life. I recently started working along side young upstart by the name of Kris Kainth who is developing a line of #CraftCocktails and #CraftMocktails called Abstract Cocktails. He was kind enough to give me a sampling of a few of [...]
  • Wandering – Toronto

  • I like to keep shooting just to work my creative eye working even when I do not have a model to work with. In an effort to continue to shoot just for the love of it, I took my camera out for the day and took some shots of the city. The sun was bright and the air was brisk. Since I have days off w[...]
  • Getting Down with Your Pooch

  • I often hear that people have a hard time getting great photos of their pets. They'll say things like, "They won't sit still." or, "They know when the camera is on them and then they act up." Now, I'm not saying that fluffy isn't totally aware of your plans to drag her ass into your quest for Ins[...]
  • Streetlights in Snow Flurry

  •   A sleepless night in my new home resulted in this little beauty. The snow was swirling around the streetlight and looked beautiful. I got an interesting perspective on this shot as I am on the second level of the building I live in. Since I was taking the photo through glass there is a [...]
  • Rain Self Portrait

  • Well, I think I may have been a bit loft in setting my expectations at contributing a photo a day for 3 months. I got of to a good start there though. I share this here in an effort to advocate a sense of transparency and own up to the fact that I did not measure up to the goal I set for myself.[...]
  • Santa Self Portrait

  •   As the photo challenge continues I am starting to have more fun with it. I loved painting my beard for this one. :) Let me know what you think.
  • Dryer Lint

  • As funny as it sounds, I actually found some inspiration for my photo challenge in the form of dryer lint. The flossy texture and layered colours made it look like an alien piece of geologic coolness.